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Missing Link Software was originally part of Offline Computer Services, and began in 1983. MLSoft became independent in 1996 to separate itself from the hardware side of the business. This site was originally designed to showcase and distribute our Linux open source projects. Today, MLSoft designs and implements custom and branded software for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and IOS platforms.

Book-N-Reader app

The Book-N-Reader app is an Android app designed to encapsulate a book or group of books into an easy to use reader. The first book released in this format is The Site, now available on the Google Play Store.

The content is encrypted to protect the copyright of the material and to make the author breathe more easily after releasing his precious work into the wild.

The reader itself is easy to use, featuring touch areas on the right and left sides of 30% screen width for turning pages. A touch on the right is a page up, and a touch on the left is a page down.

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