sr search and replace utility

The sr utility in .rpm format is available from this link.
The .deb package for Debian compatible systems is here.
The sr utility in .tar.gz format with installer is available from this link.
The sr source is available here.

The sr utility is a fast and simple search and replace tool for text files mainly. It does not require any knowledge or regular expressions, and for many tasks, is much easier than learning to use utilities such as sed or awk.

sr can search for ascii codes, words, partial words, or entire sentences, and replace it with whatever you decide. It works on single or multiple files at a time.

It is a console based utility that features an easy to use interface.
It can be used for global or specific search and replace operations.
The user can choose case sensitive or non sensituve operation.
It can be used in a limited means in binary mode.
It can replace original files or create new result files.
It accepts wildcards in filenames so that it can operate on any number of files in the current directory.